FICO score 미국 신용점수의 결정 요소 (5)



 FICO score   신용점수의 결정 요소

  • 35%: Payment history—    페이먼트를 늦게 내면 ( mortgage, credit card or automobile loan),   FICO score  신용점수가 내려가고    정해진 기간안에 지불되면  점수가  올라감.  
  • 30%: Credit utilization—      크레딧 카드 발렌스    와     남은 크레딧   The ratio of current revolving debt (such as credit card balances) to the total available revolving credit or credit limit.   빛을 적개할수록 점수가 올라감.  FICO scores can be improved by paying off debt and lowering the credit utilization ratio. 


  • 15%:   신용점수 기간     Length of credit history—As a credit history ages it can have a positive impact on its FICO score.  
  • 10%: Types of credit used    잘  지불된   다양한 크레딧     (installment, revolving, consumer finance, mortgage)—Consumers can benefit by having a history of managing different types of credit.
  • 10%: Recent searches for credit—   꼭 필요시만 크레딧  Apply   하기.        hard credit inquiries, which occur when consumers apply for a credit card or loan (revolving or otherwise), can hurt scores, especially if done in great numbers; often three to five points per inquiry.

There are other special factors which can weigh on the FICO score.

  • Any money owed because of a court judgment, tax lien, etc. carry an additional negative penalty, especially when recent.
  • Having one or more newly opened  credit accounts may also be a negative.