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Why Are So Few Homes for Sale? (집매물 이 최저인 이유는?)

  Why Are So Few Homes for Sale? 47% – existing homeowners are worried that they will not be able to find a home to buy    (이사갈집을 못찿을까 에대한걱정)    26.5% – first-time buyer demand is absorbing a large share of available homes   (첫집을 마련바이어들의 발빠른 움직임)  11.3% – existing homeowners’ mortgage rates are lower than […]

Yoga Studio – 업스케일 요가 스튜디오 – Life & Style – Joyce Kim

    Upscale Condos With Jaw-Dropping Yoga Studios July 26, 2018 by Suzanne Dooley       Those who regularly practice yoga have been altered in some way by its transformative power. Maybe you’ve toned your body. Maybe you now have the mental clarity that you’ve been seeking. Perhaps you’ve experienced more profound changes in your relationships, career or domicile. Yoga helps you […]

부동산 -1031 Exchange 의 기본요건  (콜드웰 뱅커 USA 프리미어 오피스 – Joyce Kim-Luxury Real Estate )    

    Short Video  –   How To Do – 1031 Exchange – Joyce Kim *************************************************************************** 부동산 – 1031 Exchange  양도 소득세 연기 혜택 –  1031- Tax Deferred Exchange 1031 Exchange 는 IRS 규정에 의하여 유사한 재산의 교환을 할 경우 일정한 요건을 충족하면 세금 납부를 연기해 주는 제도이다. 이것은 매매가 아닌 교환으로 인정되어 부동산을 팔 때 생긴 자본 소득 (capital […]