Joyce Kim- Coldwell Banker Realty – ” Super Food-Green Onion “



Hello everyone.

Today, I want to show you how and why I grow Green Onion Organic vegetables at home. First, let me share the surprising benefits of Green Onion. Did you know? Green onion Can help 1. Prevent Colds and Flus and Good for the Immune System. 2. Reduce the Risk of Cancer 3. Lower Blood Sugar Level 4. Prevent Infections 5. Help Control Cholesterol Level It doesn’t matter how small the patches are, small or large, while you are out gardening, it is so easy, and by growing organic vegetables, you get the sunlight. Yes, the sunlight. You will get the natural vitamin D called sunshine vitamins. According to “Medical News Today,” studies have found that vitamin D protects against the Influenza Virus and reduces the Risk of Flu. Another significant benefit of gardening? Growing Organic Vegetables and gardening makes us relax through the simple act of gardening, so start small and grow organic vegetables at home and cook with your clean organic vegetables. No Green Onion? How about Rosemary and Lavender? Rosemary oil is known for aromatherapy, and this works well to help stress and clear your mind. Lavender and Rosemary make a beautiful pair together. Do you have stress or worry about something? I do. Everyone has stress or pressure, so it’s only natural to have anxiety or stress in our daily life. I hope one of my favorite quotes about stress may inspire you. It always tells me to move on. “Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” lovely quote by B. Franklin. So, no worries, take a deep breath, go out and feel the heart of nature. Get some sunlight. You can relax and listen to your heart and be in the moment. Live Your Best Life Today.