LA – 카페 라테 잘하는곳 – Urth Caffé – 얼뜨카트 카페 ( Joyce Kim)


비오는날은  카페 라때 를…  

제가 가던곳은 얼트 카페  베버리힐즈 와 멜로즈 였는데 특히 비오늘날 은  꼭  카페라떼 를 즐겼 습니다.


아침에 꽃을 살때 ..

2주에 한번 마인드 힐링에 좋아서  다운타운 꽃시장을 아침에가서  꽃을 많이 사면 행복해젔는데요…  겨울엔 얼트 카페 에서 아침식사 와 라떼를 TO GO  했어요.

여름엔 보바 그린 라떼가 좋구요. 너무 달지않게  하기위해 설탕류는 빼고  알몬드 밀크를 넣어서 마셨어요. 그래도 살짝 달콤해요.


공부 스트레스 날릴때.. 

딸아이가  11, 12 학년땐 시도때도 없이 카패라테를 마셨어요.   공부  스트레스죠.   아이와 학교에 가기전에 일주에 2번씩 카페에 들러서 아침식사와  라떼를 to go 했어요.

하바드  웨스트레이크 학교 공부가 힘들어서 학부모 친구들과  고민할때도 함께 많이 갔었네요.


얼트 카페 – ON THE GO..  에 좋아요. 


Urth Caffé began as Jilla and Shallom Berkman’s dream over 25 years ago. In 1989, they met a passionate coffee farmer named Jorge from a farm in Peru producing organic, heirloom coffee. The Berkmans were intrigued by Jorge’s mission. They discovered many destructive practices were used in coffee production that made it one of the most chemically treated food commodities in the world. Heirloom coffee trees are very rare and have never been genetically modified. The Berkmans decided to become pioneers in health-conscious coffee.


After several years learning how to roast and brew great coffee, they launched the nation’s first exclusively organic, heirloom coffee company. They named it “Urth Caffé” because Urth is an old Welsh root spelling of Earth and Caffé is Italian for coffee. They wanted a name that embodied the natural richness of the earth and delicious organic, heirloom coffee. They were also importing and hand blending fine organic teas, so “Exclusively Organic Coffees & Fine Teas” was added to Urth Caffé’s logo. Shallom and Jilla were indeed pioneers of the “organic food revolution.”